Day 8 - Travelling to Arequipa

Friday, August 3, 2012 - 01:15

Only a short one today because we didn't actually do anything of note, or even have the opportunity to take any pictures. In the morning we relaxed in our hostel after an exhausting couple of days on the Machu Picchu tour, before having some lunch locally in Cusco. Our next stop was to sort out our bus to Arequipa, which we have decided to make a detour to because everyone we meet seems to be recommending it.

The bus more or less took up the rest of the day, since it was 10 hours starting at 5pm. It was a somewhat underwhelming journey, though we had to keep a close eye on our bags at all times due to some shady looking characters. On the way we passed near Puno, which is at almost 4,000m, and I was feeling noticeably worse than normal at that altitude.

Tomorrow should be more interesting with white-water rafting planned in Arequipa!

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