Day 48 & Day 49 – Relaxing In Buenos Aires

Thursday, September 13, 2012 - 05:00

I’m writing these two days as a joint blog entry primarily because there isn’t much to report. I’ve been very much taking it easy, with highlights including wandering around the city’s parks and going out for some great food.

On Tuesday I spent the afternoon having a walk around the La Recoleta area, enjoying the sunshine which I am apparently lucky to be encountering (it rained all last week). I watched the sunset complete with the typical beautiful colours in the sky I have become used to in the city, and then headed out for dinner at TGI Fridays. It’s always interesting to compare the chain around the world, and overall it wasn’t as good as in the UK (though for me nothing beats a good TGIs in the UK). In the evening we stayed in and had some drinks and listened to music. One girl, attempted to teach me some Salsa, which I’m pleased to report went slightly better than the Argentine Tango – though it is supposedly a lot easier. Still, I won’t be turning professional any time soon!

Wednesday again involved quite a bit of walking around, though this time to the area with all the parks and plazas I visited last time. There were a couple of new spots, including an interesting oversized bench and a large statue I didn’t get to see properly last time. Annoyingly mosquitos have now started coming out since the weather has warmed up a bit. This therefore made walking through the parks somewhat unpleasant, as every 30 seconds I had to bat away the bugs. Despite my best efforts I still managed to pick up a couple of bites. In the evening, since it was my last night in Argentina, we thought it would be appropriate to go out to an upmarket Argentine restaurant. Obviously I chose steak, and it was easily as good as the one Marc and I had back when we first arrived in the city – a nice way to end this final mini-trip.

Tomorrow I take my 11th flight of my travels as I head back up to Sao Paulo to catch the bus to Rio. This is the last day until Monday where I won’t be taking a flight, so there may be a tiring few days coming up.

Photos of the day(s): a great sky over the church at La Recoleta, the huge bench.


Is TGI better than Nandos?
Mum's put your name down for 'Strictly'

Get as much Salsa instruction as you can - you can show us your skills when you get home.maybe Mum and I can learn the steps from you.
I see from the photo what you mean about the sky colours - incredible

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