Day 46 – The Beginning Of The End

Monday, September 10, 2012 - 02:30

The last couple of days I have been faced with two options: stay in Brazil on my own for another week, or accept invites from people I’ve met along the way to return to either Buenos Aires or Santiago (or both). Going all the way back to Santiago would have required a rather expensive change to my return London flight, and I wasn’t sure if I fancied another week on my own in Brazil. I therefore rather belatedly purchased a flight back to Buenos Aires. The title of this blog refers to the fact I’m not going to be visiting any new locations now, but winding down for the last week before I head back to London.

Before heading to the airport, there was still time to have a nice fresh breakfast of papaya and crème caramel. It was then time to say goodbye to Maria and Pilar. Even though my time in Sao Paulo has been short, it was still sad to go, especially since we don’t know when we will next see each other.

The rest of the day was rather routine, with a standard bus to the airport, and South American flight where the air hostesses have no idea what I’m saying when I order a drink. Like the flight up from Buenos Aires, I again had three seats to myself, and some rather jealous looks from the people sitting around me. It was strange to be back in Argentina once I landed, though it was refreshing to already be familiar with a place I was visiting, as well as to feel safe carrying around all my belongings.

Photos of the day: a couple from the plane looking out over Sao Paulo.


Yummy breakfast. Xx

Goodbyes can be sad but look on the bright side - you'll soon be in a London Nandos!,

Sounds like you're getting very attached to the place.
Makes a change from cornflakes.

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