Day 27 - Relaxing in Buenos Aires

Wednesday, August 22, 2012 - 06:45

Today was supposed to be our last day in Buenos Aires before getting the boat over to Uruguay for a few days. However, it turns out the boat only goes at the weekends in winter, so the trip is unfortunately off the cards (Marc flies up to Rio on Saturday). On the plus side, we will get to see more of Buenos Aires, and it took pressure off sightseeing today. We therefore had a rather lazy day which was mostly spent in and around the hostel. It was also Jonty’s last day today, and he left for London during the afternoon after over seven months of travelling.

In the early evening Marc and I took the opportunity of some alone time to catch up on Rate Your Nando’s related business. We then got a free dinner at the hostel, which was actually surprisingly good and definitely a nice touch. After, we headed out to a bar to meet Marc’s friend Sophie and some of her friends. The bar sold beer by the jug, and we ended up getting through a rather large four litre one!

Photo of the day: nothing noteworthy today, though I did find this strange – Burger King delivers here, but only by pedal bike!


5 litres between two!
Oh the joys of a youthful prostate.
Safe journey onwards

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