Day 23 - Leaving Chile

Saturday, August 18, 2012 - 04:45

After 12 days in Chile, today it was finally time to leave. Waking up this morning wasn't the easiest, given we had been out until about 5am the night before. It had been treated as something of a 'goodbye' party for me, given I have got to know the staff at the hostel really well over the last week. I would have to recommend the hostel (Terra Extremus) to anyone visiting Santiago - and not just because you get given free beer every night!

The bulk of the day after departing from the hostel was spent getting two flights to Buenos Aires. It had worked out cheaper to get a connecting flight via Cordoba, however when we got to Cordoba they treated us as if we were getting two separate flights, rather than a connecting one. Therefore we had to pick up our cases, go through a lengthy customs process, and then go back round to the check in desks at the front of the airport. On reaching the check in desks we were informed our flight had been cancelled, and we were being put on the next one in two hours’ time. This would have been more of a nuisance had we been in a hurry, and on the plus side it gave us time to grab a much needed late lunch at the airport (a surprisingly good chicken sandwich for myself).

After the delay it ended up being around 9pm before we got out of Buenos Aires airport and to our hostel. It was a miserable, rainy evening out, so it has been hard to judge the city in my short time here. Hopefully tomorrow the weather will be better and we can go for a wander. At least tonight when I sleep there will be no risk of a huge earthquake bringing down the building – this side of the continent has no attached risk.

Photo of the day: enjoying my last night of free beer with two Brazilian and a Chilean guy from the hostel (one of the Brazilians has handily said he will show me around Rio when I arrive).


How lovely that you are meeting so many different, friendly people. X

You see there is food beyond Nandos

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