Day 21 - Stranded In Santiago

Thursday, August 16, 2012 - 03:30

Our plan had been for this to be our last full day in Santiago before getting the bus to Mendoza. However, this morning we found out the Andean pass to Mendoza is closed until at least Sunday due to heavy snowfall. Unfortunately the pass is the only road in the region which crosses the mountains, and we were therefore completely reliant on it for continuing our journey. As a result, we are now having to look into flights to Argentina, which is a shame since it would have been a good experience to travel overland (not to mention the additional cost of flying).

Therefore, given we now have at least one additional day in Santiago (and it was raining again), we devoted most of the day to attempting to work out our plans for the next ten days or so. Various routes have been proposed, with options including driving up to Salta from Cordoba, touring the region south of Buenos Aires, and getting a ferry into Uruguay and touring around. Final decisions will be made tomorrow!

Photo of the day: enjoying the view from a bridge over the river on a rainy day.


Oh the joys of weather! X

Decisions Decisions!
Time for spinning a coin and sticking a pin

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