Day 15 - The End Of Santiago Part 1

Friday, August 10, 2012 - 04:45

This afternoon I finally booked my flight to Easter Island. As I write this, I am about to go to bed because I have a taxi to the airport at 5am. A few people I’ve met at the hostel here in Santiago have been, and each one reckons I’m going to have a great time – more to come on that over the weekend! (can you guess what the photo of the day will be of tomorrow?!)

As for today, I spent the morning sleeping off a rather late night, and the rest of the afternoon having a casual stroll around the centre of town. Since I’m meeting Marc back here next week, I’ve held back on intensive sightseeing for now, since otherwise I’ll end up seeing most things twice. My stroll took me through what I assume is the financial district given the tall, modern office buildings, and to the next Plaza da Armas of the trip. I have to admit I was underwhelmed by Santiago’s plaza, especially compared to the previous ones in Peru. None of the buildings surrounding it are particularly grand, the square itself is of average size (one block), and it’s hard to get a good picture because there are so many palm trees. That said, it was still worth visiting, and I had a nice sit down on a bench while taking it all in. There were also a few street performers around, luring the crowds in true Covent Garden style.

This evening I learnt that self-catering can save quite a bit of money by using the hostel’s well equipped kitchen; a definite way forward given I can no longer get three course meals for £3 like in Peru. I also got to enjoy a third night of free beer, even though I was technically no longer eligible – luckily me and the night time receptionist have been getting on well. In fact, the staff here have all turned out to be a friendly bunch, and they seem to genuinely be looking forward to me coming back on Monday for another night out.

Photos of the day: an example of the architecture in downtown Santiago, and the main fountain in the Plaza.


Are you making pesto pasta and chicken soup ?! Xxx

Easter Island is one of the foremost trophy destinations in the world and hope to go there myself someday -enjoy!

Safe flight and fun trip.
How exotic can you get?

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