Day 13 - Travelling to Santiago

Wednesday, August 8, 2012 - 06:45

Nothing too exciting today so I'll keep it short. The main purpose of the day was to fly to Santiago from Arica. This was via the smallest airport I can remember visiting, with just one security officer, and two gates. The whole process felt more like getting a bus than getting a plane, since it was a 'hopper' service going from La Paz, then Arica, Iquique, and finally Santiago. I obviously joined at Arica, and the next stop to Iquique only took 25 minutes, where I waited on the plane while additional passengers got on. Overall I was quite impressed with the service offered by Sky Airlines (Chile's main airline after the major international LAN), with a well judged snack service for tea (crisps, fruit salad and cake) and charge points at each seat.

The evening was spent at the hostel in Santiago, where if you pay for two nights upfront (as I ended up doing), you get to enjoy free beer until the allocated supply runs out. This went down quite well, and I ended up spending a couple of hours chatting to some Argentinians, and the problems which face their economy. Sounds like we don't have it as bad as we think we do in the UK! And I was pleased to find out the locals don't have a problem with the English - only the government.


As long as you don't mention The Falklands or 'The Hand of God'! X

Its always the governments that cause probs between people.
I hope you are getting some proper shots. Its a long way to go back!

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