Day 1 - Flying to Lima

Thursday, July 26, 2012 - 22:15

Here it is! I am sitting in Atlanta airport (the busiest in the world), waiting for my connecting flight to meet Marc in Lima, Peru where our travels will commence. It's nice to be back in America, however brief, and I have to say I am impressed with Delta airlines so far - they had brand new touchscreen displays in the back of the seats, and I got to listen to my music all the way through landing. Sleeping for a good 4 hours of a 9 hour flight also helped to pass the time.

In case anyone is not sure where I/we are going to be going, here is a brief itinerary:

  1. Peru - Lima for a few days then flying over to Cusco where we will see Machu Pichu and do a couple of hikes. Then down to Puno for Lake Titicaca.
  2. Bolivia - from Lake Titicaca we will cross into Bolivia and visit the capital La Paz. Assuming we can catch our breath at 4,000m, we will then travel down to the salt flats at Uyuni.
  3. Chile - from Uyuni we will cross the Andes (and Chilean border) into the Atacama desert, and visit the town of San Pedro de Atacama. From there we will attempt to hire a car and drive down to Santiago. I say attempt since one way hires are difficult in South America; if not it will be the bus for us.
  4. Argentina - after some time in Santiago, we will cross back over the Andes and travel onwards to Mendoza, Argentina. From here we will again attempt to hire a car, and drive to Buenos Aires via Cordoba. Once in Buenos Aires, we are parting ways, with Marc flying up to Rio, and me travelling overland up to Rio over the next 3 weeks.
  5. Brazil - assuming all goes to plan and I don't decide to just party in Buenos Aires and hop on a flight up to Rio, I will travel up to Iguazu Falls, then onwards to Rio via Sao Paulo, with potential stops in Porto Alegre and Florianapolis on the way - we shall see!

This blog will keep track of all the above, and the map on the blog homepage will magically populate with markers as we reach each step of the journey. Please feel free to comment blog entries - I will have to approve comments but they will appear once I get round to getting online, which will hopefully be most days.

In roughly 7 hours I'll be in Lima having a we-finally-made-it drink with Marc.

Photos of the day: My plane waiting to leave at Heathrow, and what I thought was quite a good shot of a departing BA 747


I'll keep the printer fuelled up.

Thats an incredible trip you have to look forward to - enjoy. You even managed to win the Colom race to get out of the country before the start of the Olympic games!

Hi James, have a great & memorable trip. We will be followowing your progress and looking for the photos which we are sure will be outstanding.
Have a wonderful time. Lots of love B&M xx

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