Day 60 - Disney's California Adventure

Thursday, October 21, 2010
Miles To Date: 
8 547

Today was our second day in Disneyland resort, and we visited the other main park: Disney's California Adventure. Instead of leaving extra early and battling through rush hour, we decided to leave after rush hour today and this meant the drive was much more peasant.

California Adventure was first opened in 2001 and is basically just an extension of the Magic Kingdom. It seems like it was built in order to make Disneyland complete with Disneyworld in Florida, and as a result the park shares a number of attractions with its Southern cousin. The park is separated into themed zones, and we started out in the Hollywood area. Its main attraction is a 3D Muppets show, which originated at MGM in Florida and we had both seen before.

We next moved onto the area called 'Golden State'; a reference to California's nickname. Its main attraction is called 'Soarin over California', and it simulates a hang-glider ride over the state's main natural and man-made sites. We both went on and thought it was really well done. The screen they used to project the images was huge, and it really made you feel like you were suspended in the air over cities, mountains and the ocean. Once we were done, we headed over to the Grizzly Park Recreation Area, which is an outdoor playground for people of all ages. It was fun to climb up on the nets, and it reminded us both of adventure parks we visited when we were younger.

The rest of our time at the park was mainly spent at the Paradise Pier area, which is home to the park's rollercoaster called California Screamin'. Being a single rider (Lauren doesn't like rollercoasters), I got to walk right in the exit and take the next available space! I therefore took a couple of rides and was very impressed. It was one of the longest rides I have ever been on - I guess because they have so much more room to build on when compared to the cramped themeparks of the UK. After the ride we walked around the pier's shops and went to see the Bug's Life show before leaving. Quite a bit of the park was closed for refurbishment (lots of new rides coming in 2011), so we did it all quicker than planned.

Today was notable in that it was our last proper outing of the trip. Tomorrow we are winding down and getting all packed up for our flight on Saturday!

Photo of the day: California Screamin'!