Day 54 – More Shopping And An Evening Out

Saturday, July 14, 2012
Miles To Date: 
7 845

Today was our most relaxing day in a while. Since our tickets for the theme parks haven’t arrived yet (we ordered them online), and the weather was still miserable, we headed to the local Premium Outlets mall in Camarillo. Its around 30 miles west of Los Angeles, and is the same brand of outlet mall that we have previously seen in Chicago and Las Vegas. As a result we knew what to expect, and just went to select shops instead of browsing around. For lunch we went to Panera again since their soup and fresh Mac N’ Cheese can’t be resisted!

On the way back we stopped by Best Buy near where the cousins live. Best Buy is the American equivalent of Dixons, although its definitely a lot better mainly because it is a lot bigger. I had a look at a new camera (Nikon D7000), which is significantly cheaper here than in the UK. Unable to decide if I wanted it we came back and had a break before going out this evening.

Tonight we went out with Lindsey and a couple of her friends. First we went to a Mexican restaurant where we had delicious tacos and burritos. We then headed to a bar where people can sing while accompanied by a piano player. It was like karaoke, but since it was in Hollywood the quality was much higher than we are used to due to all the budding actors. and actresses. One of Lindsey’s friends is an aspiring actress so she had a go, and we then headed to a bar local to West Hills for some more drinks.

Tomorrow we are getting up early and heading down to San Diego to see the Zoo first, and then Sea World on Sunday.

Photo of the day: No photos today since we didn’t really do anything!