Day 5 – A Change Of Scene

Friday, August 27, 2010

Today was the last day in New York and also the first day in Philadelphia! We started the day by packing up our bags for the trip and then heading down to 5th Avenue to visit the expensive shops. Lauren had a look for makeup in Mac but couldn’t make up her mind, while I had a look for jeans in the Diesel store and also couldn’t make up my mind. The prospect of outlet stores when we are on the road made it hard to commit to purchases in somewhere as expensive as New York City.

We then ended up back in Rockefeller plaza around lunch time and we ate in a really nice fresh food cafe. This involved our third dose of chicken soup in nearly as many meals!

After lunch we returned to the apartment to get our bags and lock everything up. The horrible process of getting our heavier than planned bags to the station then took place, and we eventually found our way to the bus stop by Penn station. The New York subway isn’t really designed for big bags so we ended up having to take them through the fire exit gate which sounded a loud alarm.

The bus was longer than scheduled (3 hours instead of 2) because of traffic but seemed to go quickly due to free wifi on board. Once in Philadelphia Harris’ parents picked us all up and we went back to their house for a delicious meal of barbecue chicken, noodles and vegetables. Now for an early night since we are up at 7am for a day of sightseeing around the city.

Photo of the day: We didn’t take that many today but it has to be a photo of our best meal in days.