Day 41 – A Day At The Stratosphere

Saturday, October 2, 2010
Miles To Date: 
5 826

When we woke this morning the weather seemed to be back to the usual desert climate: around 95 degrees and bright sunshine. As a result we headed straight down to the pool to take advantage of it, and to take a dip. After drying off, we had some lunch at the poolside cafe, though the service was much worse than the other day – probably as a result of the Saturday crowds.

We then returned to our room to get ready to go up the Stratosphere tower during the day. However, the weather had other plans and seemingly out of nowhere it was pouring with rain. As a result we ended up spending most of the afternoon indoors, and I went to get a much needed haircut at the hotel’s salon – luckily it looks ok!

Around 6pm it brightened up again, so we hurried to the tower before the sun went down. The views were just as good as before, and it was worth going up twice to see the difference between the landscape at night and during the day. After returning to ground level, we went for dinner at the hotel’s Italian fine-dining restaurant called Fellinis. The meal was the best Italian we have had in a while, and we both got a great spaghetti and meatballs.

After dinner we drove to a large off-strip casino/hotel/entertainment complex called Orleans to go to the cinema there. The area seemed to be much less touristy than the main strip, and packed full of local gamblers. In the cinema, I was asked if I want ‘butter’ when ordering popcorn. I assumed the server meant do I want butter flavour so I said yes. This turned out to be a mistake, since at several times during putting the popcorn in the bag, melted butter was poured all over it – somewhat ruining the taste and making it far too greasy!

Tonight is also our last night in the Stratosphere before we move to the Venetian tomorrow. We are very excited and looking forward to two nights of luxury!

Photo of the day: we didn’t take many again but here is the view from the Stratosphere during the day.