Day 4 – Finally Making It To Lower Manhattan

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Today was our last full day in New York City and we finally made it to Lower Manhattan. We got straight onto the subway after breakfast (and saying goodbye to Ann the apartment owner) and got it right to the end of the line, which was the Staten Island ferry and Battery Park station.

Really long queues for the Ellis and Liberty Island ferries meant we decided to just do a harbour ferry instead, which had no queue and ran right by the other islands for pictures. This also allowed us to take in Lower Manhattan from a distance which provided some great views. After the ferry we had a wander around the financial district and saw the NYSE and Wall Street.

Next we got the train up to Little Italy which didn’t impress us very much and wasn’t full of Soprano character wannabes as I had hoped. After some lunch we took the subway to Grand Central before returning to the apartment to have a rest and buy some cold/flu tablets for my increasingly bad cold.
Dinner was a revisit to the diner type place we went on the first night and we then got the subway back to midtown to go up Rockefella Plaza’s GE building. This gave us some amazing views of the city at night. At the bottom of the tower we met my cousin Harris and then went for a drink with him on the Upper West Side near the apartment.

Photo(s) of the day: Liberty herself and the Empire State Building by night.