Day 38 – Relaxing On The Strip

Wednesday, September 29, 2010
Miles To Date: 
5 761

This morning began later than usual, as we took advantage of not having to check out of our hotel by a certain time. Well rested, we decided to relax by the pool until the early afternoon. The pool was really nice, and there is a large Jacuzzi right next to it. We spent our time between the two, and it was great to finally be able to cool off from the heat in a pool.

After a very good burger at the poolside bar, we went for a drive down the Strip to check out some hotels. On the way out of the hotel I put $10 on black in roulette and won - paying off our internet for tomorrow in the process! Since it isn’t peak season there isn’t too much traffic around, and driving is definitely more convenient than the others options of bus, taxi and monorail. All of the major hotels have their own free parking garages, so driving between them couldn’t be easier.

Our first stop was Caesar’s Palace where we had a look around the Roman-themed mall, and saw the Atlantis show which I vaguely remembered from my visit in 2001. Next we walked to Bellagio since it is right next door. It was noticeably more luxurious than the other places we have seen, and had a very impressive hallway. Hopefully the Venetian is comparable when we stay!

On the way back to the hotel we stopped by the large mall here called ‘The Fashion Show’. Lauren had another successful shop while I didn’t get anything. This evening we ate at yet another Olive Garden and made our first trip up the Stratosphere tower. Hotel residents get free access to the observation deck at 108 stories up, which is complete with the highest altitude bar in Vegas. The views were great, and we saw some people doing the bungee jump off of the top, and on the thrill rides which hang over the edge – something neither of us fancied!

Photo of the day: view of the Strip from the top of the Stratosphere. Unfortunately this was the best we could get since there are loads of safety bars in the way!