Day 28 – Jackson, Wyoming And South Eastern Idaho

Sunday, September 19, 2010
Miles To Date: 
3 693

Today was mainly a travelling day, with our last stop in Wyoming and our second unanticipated night in Idaho. After setting off from our ski cabin we headed back over the mountain pass to Jackson so we could see the town properly. On the way we drove past a cattle train, which consisted of probably around 1,000 cows being escorted up the highway by a bunch of cowboys (and girls) on horses. The local sheriffs were there too to control the traffic and the whole thing was quite a sight – definitely something we wouldn’t see at home!

Once in Jackson we spent around 90 minutes checking out the shops. The area is very upmarket (we saw our first Ferrari of the trip), with some shops having a similar feel to Harrods, and stocking similar merchandise. According to Wikipedia Tiger Woods and Sandra Bullock both have houses there so I guess that shows the type of clientele the shops receive. Highlights included a large fossil shop with whole skeletons on display (T-rex skull for $45,000 perhaps?), and a taxidermist shop which had hundreds of local animals on display. The main pieces were a moose head for £4,500 and a whole large male grizzly bear for $22,000! I settled for a piece of elk horn ($4.50) which apparently isn’t cruel because they shed their horns every spring.

The rest of the afternoon was spent leaving Wyoming for the last time and driving through south eastern Idaho to our stop for the night in Pocatello. The main town on the way was Idaho Falls which is mainly known for its large Mormon population (note to Idaho Falls tourist board: a dilapidated industrial area isn’t really a ‘Historic Centre’). The scenery on the whole route was great, though similar to that of the previous few days. In Idaho we finally reached lower ground again and this meant the temperature increased significantly, until it was around 30 degrees in Pocatello – very nice indeed!

As for Pocatello, it seems like a nice town but more of a stop off than anything. We are staying in a place with the word ‘hotel’ in its name (as opposed to ‘motel’ or ‘inn’) for the first time all trip which is a bit of a treat! Tomorrow we make our way down to the Great Salt Lake and then to our accommodation in Salt Lake City.

Photo of the day: one of four arches made entirely of elk horns in Jackson. These are apparently unique to the area.