Day 2 – Exploring NYC’s Midtown

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So today we didn’t really have a plan since we weren’t sure how jet lagged we would be. Ended up waking early (around 7) since that put us at lunch time UK time. We started out by taking the metro down to Times Square and having a walk around. This eventually led us to Macys for some browsing and a mid-morning Starbucks. Next, Rockefeller plaza which we had to take the subway to because it started raining quite heavily. While there we went to the NBC and HBO shops so Lauren could check out the merchandise from her favourite shows.

Feeling the full effect of the long day previously, we took a trip back to the apartment after lunch to have a rest, before heading down to Columbus Circle at the South West corner of Central Park. Some decent shops there where we bought some souvenirs, and then headed back to Times Square for dinner, some photos and the cinema.

Cinema was the huge AMC Times Square which has 25 screens over nearly as many stories. We went up 3 huge escalators to find our screen. Popcorn prices weren’t as good as I would have hoped but the taste was great so I’m willing to forgive. Film: Scott Pilgrim. We both enjoyed it and are now back at the apartment after our first night ride on the subway!

Photo of the day: A very busy Times Square at around 8pm