Day 14–Cleveland, The Birthplace Of Rock And Roll

Sunday, September 5, 2010
Miles To Date: 
1 060

The morning started off slower than planned. The first thing we did was drive around a few banks (some are open on Sundays here) to cash travellers cheques, but no luck there as we aren’t account holders. We also had a browse around a couple of large supermarkets, where James finally purchased some weights which he had been missing since our arrival!

We then made our way to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame located in Cleveland; the birthplace of Rock and Roll itself. While in the car we caught a glimpse of an air show that was going on in the centre of town. It looked amazing, with fighter jets flying low and hovering in the sky! This was also very loud! It seemed the whole of Cleveland was attending the show, which made the roads very busy and parking hard to find.

Eventually we made it to the museum where we watched a short film about the creation of Rock and Roll and saw lots of interesting clothing and other memorabilia used by artists such as Elvis, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, The Rolling Stones and many more. Highlights included the actual jacket worn by Michael Jackson in the Thriller video and John Lennon’s Sgt Pepper outfit. Following this we watched a 60 minute film featuring clips from all the artists included in the Rock and Roll Hall of fame since 1986 – some great music!

The 6 hour (longer than initially planned) car journey to Chicago then began. James somehow made the mistake of thinking it was 200 miles between cities when it was actually 350 (and 370 to our motel) ! This was tiring for me, let alone James who did all the driving…and we only stopped once! This was for dinner, which was a picnic in the front seats. After passing through several toll booths and witnessing a beautiful sunset we arrived in Chicago. Our motel is in the North West suburbs and is much nicer than where we stayed last night – feels more like a proper hotel! Looking forward to a lazier day tomorrow, exploring the Chicago suburbs on Labor Day bank holiday.

Photo of the day: The Hall of Fame!