Day 13 – Thundering Falls And A Tour Of The Rust Belt

Saturday, September 4, 2010
Miles To Date: 

The day began with us both waking in Canada for the first time in our ridiculous motel 6 room (it had a jacuzzi right in the middle of the bedroom area). We started out by heading up the Skylon tower for an amazing panoramic view of both the American and Canadian falls, as well as the surrounding areas. Unfortunately it was ridiculously windy at the top so we couldn’t stay out for long – it was hard to even hold the camera up!

After a quick run around the gift shops we headed down to the street level view points where I took quite a few more photos and we both got wet from the mist of the Canadian Falls. There is a constant mist coming up from where the millions of gallons of water hits the rocks below! We both thought the falls were amazing and definitely worth the detour up North before our trip West.

Before leaving we had some lunch which we had to choose carefully because it was very expensive in Canada – not sure if this is because the falls are a tourism hotspot or if it is just expensive? Crossing back and forth was easier than we thought and we didn’t get our car searched either time – we think its to do with them loving the British accents! The drive to Cleveland was unremarkable at best, with 4 lane interstate for pretty much all of the 200 miles. Even the guide books couldn’t suggest anything interesting to do on the way so we just pressed on.

First impressions of Cleveland are that it is a tired old city. We haven’t seen the centre yet (that’s for tomorrow), so I don’t want to judge too much yet. In the evening we checked into our motel which is a very traditional American style motel where we can park right outside our room (think No Country For Old Men). Average but it will do! For dinner we went to a really nice family-run restaurant in the nice part of the suburbs (I’m learning that Google searching ‘Location + nice areas’ is very handy!). Tomorrow the Rock And Roll hall of fame and onwards to Chicago.

Photo(s) of the day: So many Falls photos so I thought I’d just put the panorama on. Click to enlarge. American Falls on the left and Canadian (Horseshoe) Falls on the right. And a rather nice sunset from our motel parking lot!