Day 11 – End Of The First Chapter

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Day 11 and our final day in Washington and without a car! We decided to take things slowly since the next few days will be very busy until we reach Chicago. We woke about 11 and then didn’t actually get out the house until about 1.30. Our first stop was the local AAA office to get some maps. Cindy and Glenn are members so they get given free maps of any city, state or region anytime! Very useful – we ended up with about 10 large maps of all the states we are going to as well as some cities.

After that we went to the Newseum in town (News Museum). Its privately owned so we had to pay to get in but it was worth it and a very interesting visit. Apparently its the only museum regarding the media and history of media in the world. Highlights included a large section on the history of the printed press, with examples going back as far as the early 1500s, and an exhibition of all the Pulitzer prize winning photographs ever.

For dinner Cindy made a feast of three types of BBQ meat, which Glenn cooked on the BBQ. This was accompanied by many vegetables, including an interesting (and tasty) butternut squash cakey thing. Now for an early night since we are picking up the car at 10am and have to drive around 400 miles tomorrow!

Photo of the day: Only took one today so this is very easy. This was taken on the terrace of the Newseum.