Saarbrucken to Pura

Sunday, July 10, 2022 - 21:30

Like yesterday, today was simply about getting to Switzerland so we are ready for the main trip to start on Tuesday morning. We had a rather pleasant day of driving South, criss-crossing the French-German border along the Rhine, before entering Switzerland at Basel. The drive across Switzerland was as beautiful as ever; it is hard to get over seeing the Alps rise in the distance and then driving along the motorway and through the tunnels. The pandemic is definitely over this summer, as we had to queue for about 45 minutes to get through the Gotthard Tunnel, compared with driving straight through the last two years!

We finally got to Pura in the early evening, and decided to get a takeaway pizza as we had a lot of unpacking to do! Time for a day off from driving tomorrow.

Electric Vehicle EV Notes: 

We only needed one charging stop today
- GoFast station at Virty, along the A2 motorway just before the Gottard Tunnel. Absolutely beautiful spot with some sheltered bays for EVs which protect against sun and rain. It'll be hard to beat this charging spot for the rest of the trip I think!

Miles Driven: 


Unreal view! Looks glorious!

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