Pura to Ljubljana

Tuesday, July 12, 2022 - 20:30

Yesterday we spent the day in Pura since I had to work in the morning and we wanted to try to get a pet passport for Summer (see below). Luckily the weather was absolutely beautiful so Melisa wasn't bored while I worked, and in the evening we went for a nice dinner at our favourite restaurant on Lake Lugano, where I had a special pizza, a 'Pinsa Romana', and Melisa had one of her favourites, Vitello Tonato (veal covered in a creamy tuna sauce).

As for today, we had our longest driving day for a while as we looked to get past Italy and onwards to places we haven't visited previously in the Balkans. The drive from Milan to the Slovenian border is one we have done before, and isn't particularly noteworthy other than admiring how wonderfully straight Italian motorways can be in places. Once into Slovenia we had to buy a toll sticker 'vignette' at the border, which cost €15 for 1 week for a standard car; again, something we have done before, though they don't give you a sticker nowadays, just a receipt as they enter your licence plate in the system. It left me wondering why Switzerland doesn't move away from the sticker system, which is easy to abuse as many simply don't get caught, and into something more automated using ANPR like they've done here in Slovenia.

The drive from the Italy/Slovenia border was the driving highlight of the day, with a very pleasant motorway past some lovely forested and low-mountainous landscape dotted with quaint villages in a style similar to what we have seen before in Czechia and Croatia. We didn't have time to visit Ljubljana this evening unfortunately, as we are staying at a guest house a few kilometres outside the city centre. Instead, we cooked in the apartment and rested up ready to go to the city centre tomorrow morning first thing.

I should mention how friendly we have found all the Slovenians so far in our short time here. From the lovely people running our apartment, to the perfect English spoken in the local supermarket, and to a man on a motorbike who could see I was a foreign driver and gave me a tip about where to go at some temporary traffic lights.

And the biggest mystery of the day? How to pronounce Ljubljana! We asked the very friendly host at our apartment for the night, and we can comfortably say it properly out loud now, but I'm struggling to think of a good way to write it down phonetically...

Dog Notes: 

Luckily we did manage to get the pet passport for Summer! No questions asked about our residential status in Switzerland which was very lucky, as we have heard they are getting quite hot on this on France as many Brits try to get passports for their pets in order to avoid expensive Animal Health Certificates every time they travel. Pets in Switzerland get lovely red passports like the humans, and given Switzerland is in the EU pet passport scheme, this will now make it much easier to bring Summer to/from the EU throughout the trip and if we come back to Europe over the next couple of years. We also got the vet to recognise Summer's titer blood test result in the passport, showing the super high level of rabies antibodies in her blood; something which will help when we move from high-risk rabies countries such as Montenegro, Albania and Turkey, to lower-risk countries.

Electric Vehicle EV Notes: 

Slightly mixed bag with charging today:
- Be Charge at Eni station in Gallarate (Italy), nice and easy
- Be Charge near Eni station in Vicenza (Italy), found in a brand new car park behind the Eni petrol station, though you have to go past some barriers which cost €2 per hour - bit cheeky!
- Many of the chargers in Ljubljana have the highest price per KW we have seen so far at over €1! So I'm typing this from a cheaper €0.45/KW station at a hotel about 5 minutes drive from our apartment.
We have probably now seen the end of abundant super-fast chargers as we leave Western Europe and progress into the Balkans over the next few days!

Miles Driven: 
Aparthotel Vila Minka


I'm so pleased your trip has started so well! Sending lots of love!

I would say......LUBE - LEE - ARRNA.........right? I've now got passport envy with Summer.

Tres interessant

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